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Apollonia Archaeological Park, Pojan, Fier, Albania
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About this tour

A Day trip from Tirana to Berat and Apollonia is a fantastic way to explore some of Albania’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. 

Discover the UNESCO-listed city of Berat and the Archaeological Site of Apollonia. Explore the historic neighborhoods of Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala; admire architectural landmarks including Berat Castle, the Red Mosque, and St. Trinity Church; visit Church of Saint Mary of Blachernae, Archeological Museum, the Odeon, the library and the most photographed monument, the Bouleuterion and enjoy some free time to sightsee independently or shop for souvenirs.

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  • The Castle of Berat (Admission Ticket Included)
  • National Iconographic Museum Onufri (Admission Ticket Free)
  • Gorica Bridge (Pass By) (Admission Ticket Not Included)
  • Mangalemi (Pass By) (Admission Ticket Free)
  • Quarter Of Gorica (Pass By) (Admission Ticket)
  • Kisha Shen Triadha (Holy Trinity Church) (Admission Ticket Not Included)
  • Explore the Archaeological Site: (Admission Ticket Not Included)
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum


  • English Speaking driver guide
  • Transport with very comfortable vehicle
  • Pickup and drop off at your hotel/apartment in Tirana
  • All expenses for guide and car; fuel, parking, pay tolls
  • All the taxes
  • Entry fees in mentioned Optional sites
  • Food and drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips/gratitude for the guide


Explore Berat UNESCO

After breakfast at the hotel, we depart for Berat a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being more than 2400-year-old Berat it is one of the most attractive towns in Albania. Established in the 3rd century B.C by an Illyrian tribe of central Albania with a protective castle, it was known as the fortified city of Antipatrea. 


The Castle of Berat

Hike up to Berat Castle, which offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes.
This castle is the city of Berat's pride and joy.

National Iconographic Museum Onufri 

It’s housed in the Dormition of St. Mary Cathedral. The Byzantine church is highlighted by an iconostasis carved on walnut wood, gold-plated, and surrounded by other exquisite works of medieval art. The museum's collection, which totals 173 chosen works, also comprises the majority of Onufri’ s oeuvre. All of the icons in this museum were painted between the 16th and 20th century by Albanian iconographic painters.

Gorica Bridge (Pass By)

Built in the center of the city of Berat, the grandiose Bridge of Gorica is one of the most beautiful Ottoman bridges in the Balkan region, and connects the city with the neighborhood of the same name. This object owes much of its beauty to its very gradual arch, 10m tall, and elegantly extending 130m over across both sides of the Osumi riverbed. It is composed of a total of seven arches, wooden railings, and several small “windows,” which give the arches whimsical facial features, making this bridge a rare sight indeed. 

Mangalemi (Pass By)

Berat, one of Albania's most ancient and oldest cities, will occupy your entire day with breathtaking scenery as well as its rich history and tradition. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is divided into three big neighborhoods: Mangalemi and Gorica, separated by the Osum River, and the medieval castle, which is still inhabited. Remember that the city's famed windows will accompany you wherever you go! 


Quarter Of Gorica (Pass By) 

Gorica neighborhood. Similar to Mangalemi, the best way to see the latter is to freely stroll along its roads, discovering spectacular traditional houses at every step.

Kisha Shen Triadha (Holy Trinity Church) 

Holy Trinity Church is one of Berat's oldest churches. The church is located in Berat's old Mangalemi quarter, on the southern side of the Berat Castle. 


Trip to Apollonia for Golden Sunset

After lunch depart to the ancient city of Apollonia one of the most important ancient centers in Roman times on the famous Via Egnatia. 

Explore the Archaeological Site: 

Spend a few hours exploring the archaeological site. Highlights include the Odeon, Bouleuterion (council chamber), and the impressive Monument of Agonothetes.

Visit the Archaeological Museum: 

Apollonia has a small museum that displays artifacts found during excavations. It provides more context to the history of the site.

After all the visits we drive back to Tirana.

Overnight in Tirana


1 Day



Frequently asked questions

The difficulty level of the activities of this tour is Moderate: Can be done by all people of all ages able to walk about 1 – 3 kilometers per day!

This tour can be Cancelled 

- up to 30 days before departure – FREE of Charge

- up to 10 days before departure – 50% Charge

- up to 3 days before departure – 100% Charge

Please consult the Visa Procedures Official site of the Republic of Albania


Payment options we have:

  • Cash upon arrival
  • By cards (Debit, Credit)
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

This tour is 2 (two) full days, NOT including airport transfers!

If you wish to organize also the airport transfers with us, please feel free to contact!

Our groups usually are 5 – 8 people. 

Maximum group size is 16 people per tour!

Pick-ups and Drop offs of our tours are at your accommodation!

Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo have a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, cool springs and autumns and mild winters! 

Rainy seasons are usually expected to be autumns and winters. 

Snow is expected locally in the mountainous areas during December – January!

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Apollonia Archaeological Park, Pojan, Fier, Albania

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