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Përmet, Albania
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4 Day

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About this tour

Explorer Tour in South East Albania 4 days!

A very charming combination of the treasures of Albania including: history, art, nature biodiversity, traditional cuisine, sport activities, etc. This is a perfect tour if you are looking to explore the nature of the country, if you love art, want to learn more about the history of Albania and also do outdoors activities. All this can be done within four days combined in the best way.

Korce and Pogradec invite you to step into a world where history, nature, and culture harmoniously converge. Immerse yourself in their allure, embrace the serenity of Lake Ohrid, and let the vibrant spirit of the region captivate your senses.

Gjirokastër is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture. The Gjirokastër Castle dominates the skyline, offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The city is the birthplace of the renowned Albanian author Ismail Kadare, known for his significant contributions to world literature.

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  • Lake Ohrid
  • Drilon National Park
  • Korce “Little Paris”
  • Vjosa wild river National Park
  • Rafting experience
  • Gjirokaster UNESCO old town and castle
  • Apollonia archaeological park
  • Berat UNESCO, city of one thousand and one windows


  • Accommodation in twin/double room with breakfast
  • English Speaking guide
  • Transport with very comfortable vehicle
  • Pickup and drop off at your hotel/apartment in Tirana
  • All expenses for guide and car; fuel, parking, pay tolls
  • All the taxes
  • Entry fees in mentioned Optional sites
  • Tips/gratitude for the guide


*On our way back to Tirana we will visit Elbasan city. Albania’s third largest city is located on the Shkumbin River in the district of Elbasan. The current name derives from the Turkish il-basan ("the fortress"). In August 2010, archaeologists discovered two Illyrian graves near the castle walls of Elbasan. In the second century B. C. a trading post called Mansio Scampa developed near the present-day Elbasan, close to a crossroads of two arms of an important Roman road, the Via Egnatia, which connected the Adriatic coast with Byzantium. 

After the short visit we will continue towards Pogradec, a very nice city at the shores of Lake Ohrid. We take a walk in the Drilon national park, on the shores of the river and have some time to explore and take some wonderful pictures. 

We continue towards Korca, an important cultural center of the southeastern Albania, nicknamed “the little Paris of Albania”. After we arrive make a panoramic visit of the city with the historic center and the old western style houses, dating from the early XX century, the Orthodox Cathedral. Literally the most ancient mosque in Albania, the Mirahori mosque is a highlight of this trip. Korca is considered the birthplace of Albania's literary and artistic identity and city's charm and traditions continue to reflect this heritage. Korca's urban architecture, with its Ottoman, French and Aromanian influences. 

We also walk around in the old bazaar; we might have a drink or a snack in one of the nice bars here.

We can visit the museum of Medieval Art (Optional) to see the incredible collection of Byzantine art such as icons, iconostasis, silver ecclesiastic objects etc. 

Check in the hotel in Korce.

After breakfast we will continue towards Gjirokaster, UNESCO World heritage town since 2004, which is admirably conserved with its ottoman architecture. 

First, we will stop in Përmet, a little city in the middle of very high mountains of the south with a traditional architecture of socialist realism. We can have an adrenaline rush with a magnificent Rafting experience (Optional) in river Vjosa, the last Wild River in Europe, recently protected Wild River National Park by the Government of Albania for its biodiversity with around 1100 animal species.  

We will continue towards Gjirokastra to explore the old UNESCO World Heritage town and the the old bazaar, traditional stone houses with an old and amazing ottoman architecture dating from the 17th century. Overnight in Gjirokaster.

Check in the hotel in Gjirokaster. 

*Our first destination is the lively Gjirokaster Bazaar, an enchanting hub of activity that has stood the test of time for centuries. The melodious chatter of local vendors, the scent of traditional delicacies, and the vibrant tapestry of colors from handcrafted goods will fill your senses with pure delight. You might even find the perfect souvenir to commemorate this incredible journey. From intricately woven rugs to delicate filigree jewelry, the bazaar is a treasure trove of cultural wonders.

Next on our path is the Castle of Gjirokaster, a fortress that has stood tall since the 12th century, witnessing the city’s evolution through history. As we ascend the stone steps, the panoramic views of Gjiokaster’s red-tiled roofs and the surrounding valley will leave you in awe. Within the castle walls, countless stories await discovery. Let’s explore the weaponry and artifacts in the Museum of Arms (Optional), shedding light on the region’s military past. Stroll through the charming Ottoman-style houses inside the castle grounds, offering a glimpse of life during the Ottoman era. 

*After the visit we drive to visit one of the most important historical sites in Albania, the archaeological site of Apollonia. The ancient ruins are well preserved in parts and the park is peaceful and surrounded by beautiful nature. Julius Caesar rewarded Apollonia with the title 'free city' for supporting him against Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey the Great). He also sent his nephew Octavius, the future Emperor Augustus, to complete his studies there. There is a lot to see on this vast site. So, if you’re into history and nature, this is the place to be. Late afternoon drive to Berat. 

Check in hotel in Berat

*Being more than 2400-year-old Berat it is one of the most attractive towns in Albania. Berat is situated at the foot of Tomorri Mountain and on the shores of River Osum. It is famous for its white-washed houses with their many windows which seem to have been built on top of each other, that give it the nickname the town “one thousand and one windows”. It retains a unique style of architecture, with narrow and the Castle is the only one in Albania that still has houses and inhabitants within its walls, going about their daily life in exactly the same place their predecessors did centuries ago. Explore this fortress overlooking the town of Berat and its many Byzantine churches. Then, continue to our next stop in the old quarters of Mangalemi and Gorica that connect with each other by the Gorica Bridge over the Osumi River. 

OPTIONAL we can have a wine tour and lunch in Roshnik village, one of the most famous wine regions in Albania. 

*Our next stop is Belsh, a small town is the center of an area called Dumre plateau, known for more than 80 small karstic origin lakes. We will visit Belsh lake and enjoy a short walk on the town promenade. The whole area is known as the Tuscany of Albania.

Drive back to Tirana for overnight.


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4 Days



Frequently asked questions

The difficulty level of the activities of this tour is Moderate: Can be done by all people of all ages able to walk about 1 – 3 kilometers per day!

This tour can be Cancelled 

- up to 30 days before departure – FREE of Charge

- up to 10 days before departure – 50% Charge

- up to 3 days before departure – 100% Charge

Please consult the Visa Procedures Official site of the Republic of Albania


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This tour is 2 (two) full days, NOT including airport transfers!

If you wish to organize also the airport transfers with us, please feel free to contact!

Our groups usually are 5 – 8 people. 

Maximum group size is 16 people per tour!

Pick-ups and Drop offs of our tours are at your accommodation!

Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo have a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, cool springs and autumns and mild winters! 

Rainy seasons are usually expected to be autumns and winters. 

Snow is expected locally in the mountainous areas during December – January!

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Përmet, Albania

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