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Llogara, SH8, Vlorë, Albania
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3 Hours


Up to 10 days

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8 people


English, Espanol

About this activity

Tandem Paragliding in Albania takes place in some of the most beautiful places in the country and is one of the most popular air sports in Albania for the last 10 years.

Llogara is a true paradise for paragliders, as it provides ideal weather conditions for flying during the summer months. The warm Mediterranean climate, with its clear blue skies and gentle sea breezes, creates perfect flying conditions. The thermals, which are warm air currents that rise from the ground, provide the lift that allows paragliders to stay aloft for extended periods. The combination of these factors makes Llogara one of the best paragliding destinations in the world. Albania, with its favorable weather and plenty of flying sites makes a perfect flying spot for pilots of all levels.

We host groups and individual pilots during the whole year, however we recommend visiting in spring and autumn for the best flying conditions. Whether you prefer adventurous hike & fly, soaring, big XC or Acro, we have plenty of sites to choose from. Our programs are tailored to each individual group so that you can fully enjoy your trip.


  • Guidance of certified Paragliding Tandem Pilot
  • Transport from the meeting point to the take-off (or other way round)
  • GoPro video from the flight
  • Unforgettable memories!


Experience the unforgettable sensation of a free flight in the most beautiful locations in Albania! Get a healthy dose of adrenaline with our professional pilots!


Fly through Albanian skies with this tandem paragliding tour, where you don’t need to do anything technical-just enjoy the views. You’ll have convenient hotel pickup, and then be taken to your takeoff point. Your instructor will tell you what you need to do, which includes holding a selfie stick, and then relax as you fly for around 45 minutes. 


After our beautiful Paragliding experience, the minivan will be waiting down below at the village of Palase to take us back to the meeting point in Llogara.   


Important! Make sure you have with you some sport shoes – you might do some running! We also recommend wearing sport’s clothing.   If you have any disability or health problem, please let us know, together we will find a way to bring you in the air!


2-4 Hours



Frequently asked questions

Anyone can book a Fly Tandem Paragliding Experience! We fly with children (with parents’ permission) as well as adults of all ages. All you need is the basic ability to run. You don’t need any prior experience, our pilot will instruct you about the take-off and landing procedure. Listen carefully and enjoy it – you’re in good hands!

During the summer we do Paragliding in Vlora and Llogara Pass, Albania. During the rest of the year it’s possible to do Paragliding in Dajti, Korca and Berat.

Paragliding is a sport which depends on the weather conditions. First book your Tandem flight here. Our pilot will contact you one day before your booked Paragliding flight after checking the latest weather update and will let you know the details: location and time of meeting.   Paragliding flights can also be a great gift idea! Gift your loved ones a voucher for a Paragliding Tandem Flight and help them to fulfill their dreams!

Price for a flight for one person is 100 euro. We also accept payments in EUR and USD with the current exchange rate.

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Llogara, SH8, Vlorë, Albania
From: €100.00


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